A 7,000km, community led, Walk of Kindness raising support for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Temporarily Postponed

Please note that this walk has been temporarily postponed. As a British citizen resident in Portugal I am now required by a new Law which came into effect Jan2021, to get a biometric ID Residency card. This is a sudden requirement of all British nationals living in Europe. The back log and red tape is a bit of a nightmare and is taking far longer than anticipated. It is imperative I obtain this new residency ID as it gives me the freedom of movement across Europe without any hinderance that is so needed to complete the walk.

However with that being said, I now plan with the help of others to set up a Kindness-Walk in my local city. Where we walk around the city helping those in need with food and warm clothing.

And a sudden explosion in numbers on my other website www.4enlightenment.com where I create Original Fairytale style Moral Stories, has seen a concerted effort on my part to actually get the stories I write published. especially after finding that a lot of people are stealing the stories and have published them Spotify, YouTube, tumbler and other sites. At first this felt a bit wrong that my digital copyright was being stolen but it also means that I must be doing something right and if I can sell a few copies and make some money then we are donating a portion of the profits towards the kindness-walk through our local city.

It would be my pleasure if you could join us for the journey.

Proudly Supporting

Kindness Journal

The Kindness Diaries is our blog documenting this 7,000km walk, including the highs as well as the lows. Bought to you in both words and video it would be a pleasure if you could join us and follow our journey.

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Kindness Gallery

This is our beautiful Social gallery displaying all the wonderful acts of kindness we come across everyday as we walk. Our gallery also showcases all our weekly acts of kindness that together with your help we have all achieved.

Meet the Intrepid Explorers of this 7,000km Kindness Walk, Andy & Marley Moo

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