A 7,000km, community led, Walk of Kindness raising support for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Welcome to our 7,000km self funded Charitable Kindness Walk from Penamacor in Portugal to Istanbul in Turkey jointly in aid of Make-A-Wish foundation & 52Lives. As we slowly walk towards our goal, (I estimate two years as we are pulling a purpose built mini camper all 7,000km) we have a simple idea to do at least one act of kindness per week in anyway that we can. This simple act could be towards the homeless, elderly or poor or towards sick, injured and abused animals. As our journey grows and with your continued support we endeavour to reach out further with kindness and compassion making every step we take matter!

It would be my pleasure if you could join us for the journey.

Proudly Supporting

Kindness Journal

The Kindness Diaries is our blog documenting this 7,000km walk, including the highs as well as the lows. Bought to you in both words and video it would be a pleasure if you could join us and follow our journey.

Get Involved

Be part of something amazing today! Show your kindness and compassion and get involved. Share us on social media, get involved with one of our many polls, nominate someone you know who is exceptionally kind in your life. Or if you’re a business why not sponsor our project. Anything you can do helps make lives better.

Kindness Gallery

This is our beautiful Social gallery displaying all the wonderful acts of kindness we come across everyday as we walk. Our gallery also showcases all our weekly acts of kindness that together with your help we have all achieved.

Meet the Intrepid Explorers of this 7,000km Kindness Walk, Andy & Marley Moo

Do Something Truly Amazing Today & get Involved


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