Acts of Kindness Diary

The very formality of writing down my acts of kindness has had a tremendous effect on myself. I honestly wasn’t expecting any sort of change or the sort excitement that comes with writing down these acts of kindness. This came as an awesome little side bonus. It seems the more Acts of Kindness I write down the more eagerly I look too see what else I can do to help. It excites me to see who or where I can help next. An almost perfect and natural way to live a life.

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I spent a long time as a Buddhist Monk in northern Thailand and during that time I experienced incredible acts of kindness towards myself and the other monks. Seldom did I have the chance to repay the shear amount of good will and kindness towards me, instead I would focus my energy on becoming the best Monk I could possible be, hopefully showing my appreciation. It is through these wonderful Thai people that I learnt truly what Giving and Kindness are about. Kindness must have no attachment of any kind, no wanting something in return. Kindness must be pure of heart, genuine and without a hidden agenda. A true Act of Kindness comes from our hearts and these pure, true acts of kindness are so beautiful and awe inspiring that they have the ability to can change our world one small act at a time. Kindness is powerful

I would love to hear from you

Have you ever kept a kindness diary or journal? And if so How did it make you feel?

Do you regularly do Acts of Kindness? How does that make you feel?

For anyone that hasn’t tried to write an Acts of Kindness diary I would urge you to give it a go and see if it has the same effect on you as it has on me. And for anyone who hasn’t intentionally gone out into the world to preform Acts of Kindness I urge you too get involved, Kindness is infectious and feels awesome to the receiver and the giver.

Kind regards

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