How you can Get Involved

Help Make a Difference Today

This 7,000km Kindness Walk is entirely self funded and costs are kept down by pulling my own accommodation and eating as cheaply and freely as possible along the way. Even still walking 7,000km pulling a camper isn’t going to be cheap. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

How You Can Spread Kindness Today

Share us on Social Media

Spread the kindness around and share this completely unique event with your friends far and wide. In doing so you will not only be helping make this 7,000km walk of kindness a success but you may even inspire others to bigger and greater things. By spreading kindness through our world we touch lives, with your help we can gain momentum inspiring others who also help. Who knows how far and wide we can spread Kindness.

The Kindness Pot

How about donating to our Kindness Pot to assist us in spreading even more kindness along this journey. Our Kindness Pot has been set up to allow everyone to participate in this Kindness event, no matter of your time restraints or geographical location the Kindness Pot is there for you to help us help more. No matter how large or small, ever single donation given goes back into into making our Acts Of Kindness.

Donate a Few Euro’s

If you would like to contribute a few Euro’s to buy a new inner tube, a replacement puncture repair kit, or to maybe to buy Marley Moo a tasty treat then either click the button image or heading above. This will then allow you to donate to me directly. Clicking the button takes you through to my PayPal account where you can enter the amount you want. Every donation which I receive is always warmly appreciated and I will always respond with a personal thank you.

*please note this is NOT how to give to the charity I’m supporting . If you would like to support Make A Wish then please head over to our Make A Wish Page

Business Sponsorship

I am happy for any financial assistance that you can provide as a business to help with this trip. I can assure you that every donation, no matter how large or small, will be put to good use in spreading kindness in this world first event. Donating as a business and being associated with such an event helps bring good exposure to your brand/product and can offer exceptional value. That exposure comes from regular Blog posts and videos, as well as being able to display your logo on our walking trailer or clothing. We also have a dedicated Sponsors Page that again displays your logo and a mission statement as well as the usual back links to your website. Whatever ideas you have we would be only to happy to discuss your marketing needs. please Get in Touch Today.

Help and Advice

If you have any pointers to offer me with regard to my website, advice about visa’s and documentation, information on walking routes, or simply places I must visit along the way then please get in touch. Any information you share will be highly valuable to me and I will always appreciate your help.

Offer me a Place to Stay for the Night

Just offering me a shower or somewhere safe to stay is always welcome. I love to meet and share experiences with like minded people and if you can spread kindness and offer me some help this way then please get in contact. I would be only too delighted to meet you and your friends, being socially responsible, and too even walk with some of you for short periods. If you would like to help in any way then please get in touch.


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