Gypsy Trailer

Hand Pulled Gypsy Wagon

The little detail that make this 7,000km Kindness Walk just a bit unique is our hand built micro camper we will be pulling the entire distance. Fashioned to look rather like an old gypsy wagon in miniature this will be are home on wheels and enable us to keep our costs down dramatically.

The above photo is a collecting of designs and ideas that we will be building our trailer around. My design wants to be eye catching to attract people to strike up conversations, this should drum up support for our sponsored charity Make-A-Wish & 52Lives

I have played around with a few trailer designs, trying both a push cart and a pull trailer, until finally settling on the idea of the gypsy wagon. I estimate the build to take around two weeks to complete with a painted finish, possible duck egg blue.

Finally we start building our third and final design

First attempt
The second go, more of a rickshaw style pull cart.

The above two photos were my other attempts at making a suitable trailer. The first was the three wheel push trolly which I just couldn’t get the front wheel to go straight no matter what I seem to try. The second I decided to build a rickshaw style pull cart. This really was awesome to pull around and made pulling a full gas bottle a doddle. It had one big flaw, every time a wheel hit a bump it used to bounce itself back and forth trying desperately to flip over.

Our final micro camper gypsy trailer has been designed to keep the centre of gravity more towards the ground and is a lot wider, hopefully this will make it more stable and less inclined to rock from side to side.

Finally the 3rd build the gypsy style pull along micro camper (frame is upside down in this photo, note the extra wooden struts for added strength)
Overal shape and size of the frame (game is now the correct way up, ready for a flat sheet of plywood)
The wooden peg is the beginning of my handle system which should allow the handles to pivot up and down. (There is a possibility of making the handles multi purpose as a stand and as handles)
*Further updates to follow, watch this space
Last updated: 28th December 2020