Acts of Kindness Diary

The very formality of writing down my acts of kindness has had a tremendous effect on myself. I honestly wasn’t expecting any sort of change or the sort excitement that comes with writing down these acts of kindness. This came as an awesome little side bonus. It seems the more Acts of Kindness I write down the more eagerly I look too see what else I can do to help. It excites me to see who or where I can help next. An almost perfect and natural way to live a life.

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I spent a long time as a Buddhist Monk in northern Thailand and during that time I experienced incredible acts of kindness towards myself and the other monks. Seldom did I have the chance to repay the shear amount of good will and kindness towards me, instead I would focus my energy on becoming the best Monk I could possible be, hopefully showing my appreciation. It is through these wonderful Thai people that I learnt truly what Giving and Kindness are about. Kindness must have no attachment of any kind, no wanting something in return. Kindness must be pure of heart, genuine and without a hidden agenda. A true Act of Kindness comes from our hearts and these pure, true acts of kindness are so beautiful and awe inspiring that they have the ability to can change our world one small act at a time. Kindness is powerful

I would love to hear from you

Have you ever kept a kindness diary or journal? And if so How did it make you feel?

Do you regularly do Acts of Kindness? How does that make you feel?

For anyone that hasn’t tried to write an Acts of Kindness diary I would urge you to give it a go and see if it has the same effect on you as it has on me. And for anyone who hasn’t intentionally gone out into the world to preform Acts of Kindness I urge you too get involved, Kindness is infectious and feels awesome to the receiver and the giver.

Kind regards

Little Acts of Kindness

This week has seen the launch of our website and along with it the beginning of our walk. Even though it has taken a while to get this far and to this point, the hard work is only really just starting.

This week has seen our very first donation to the Kindness Pot and we have also received our very first subscribers to our weekly newsletter, full of extra statistical information on our walk as well as regular polls, Marley moo update and a whole lot of other exciting items that you will only get to find out about if you also subscribe.

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Gas bottle for weight

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation

As we are at the beginning of our walk we have an incredible amount of work to be done. We have started a training schedule that involves us pulling heavy weights on our already built prototype number 2 trailer. We have only managed 12-13km pulling about 20kg when our first problem has already arisen. As I was going round a corner with a slight camber a wheel catches a bump, and caused, in a slow motion kind of way, the whole trailer to twist rolling out my hands, it cracked a little as it rolled then snapped one of my handles as it came to rest. To make matters worse, in the middle of nowhere, I’ve got no tools on board to fix it. I did find some of that blue twine string that farmers seem to leave everywhere which helped secure the break, and using a rock as improvised hammer restored the handle bars to a decent degree, enabling me and Marley to return home.

We have spent a few days fixing and making sure the training cart is strong enough to proceed with heavy weights. It has also thrown up a few questions about the stability of our future gypsy style hand cart we are building to actually take on our walk. With a few design tweaks, I think we will be able to resolve the issue.

And this why we do practice runs and training walks. We prepare, at least as much as we possible can, especially when your trying something no one has really tried. It’s not like I can look up a YouTube video “how to build a gypsy pull cart and walk around the world” but that’s the challenge I enjoy, walking roads travelled.

Our very first contributor to our Kindness Pot.

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A massive thank you!

Thank you very much to Danial Whiteside for the very first contribution to our Kindness Pot. This humbles me that you guys get what I want to try and achieve. I 100% wholeheartedly believe that nothing else matters more than kindness and compassion towards fellow human and animal alike as well as our environment. This donation spurs me on in believing what I’m doing is the right thing to do. Danial I thank you with all my heart.

Our Kindness Pot is set aside for you the audience to contribute towards our acts of kindness. The hope is that the more of us that join and participate, the more good together we can do. I believe that 2021 is going to be a tough year for a lot of people. The effects of the coronavirus and it financial implications I think will be felt next year more then ever. And this is why kindness matter now more than ever, today we can all start a revolution of kindness across our nations and start making that change to the world that we all so desperately need to see.

Make Kindness your super power

I have the ability to achieve this walk both mentally and physically, however financially I’m unable to proved help for everyone I meet along the way. I have the drive, enthusiasm and belief in this project, it has been almost two years in the making. And I have the platform for anyone that wants to become part of something rather special. Let’s all feel the benefits of kindness as it spreads around our world. Together we hold an enormous amount of power, and together we can make a huge difference in shaping our futures and that of our children.

Do something amazing today and get involved